Always get some money up f


Always get some money up front.

Did you know most weddings are fully paid for before the event?

Everyone in the loop is getting upfront money.

It is extremely difficult to get paid when the party is over, that’s just the way of it.

Contracts, are only an agreement or understanding for what is to be done. Just google nd you can find all kindsof stuff, probably consulting contracts would serve you best.

I’m not into this professionally, but I think you can get zip drives to put up enough content that remains yours, which you can show your client on any computer by plugging into a USB port. All the content remains in your possession until it’s paid in full.

Carefully about contracts. You may be able to enforce one, but you’d better be able to prove up (hard copy) if you go to court.

The best contract you can get is half down, and payments as you go. Let them hold about about 10% max, but never give it all out untill you’re paid in full.

Ishould add one more thing. If you are going to invest your time, talent and equipment to do the job it isnot disrespectful or too forward to ask formoney inadvance and as you work on the project.Contracts are a mutual agreement, not a unilateral agreements. In other words… it takes two to make one, and you should be regarded respectfully throughout the work… or chance are you’re going to have difficulty getting your money. It really helps when the client invests something in you (money that is).

If your client doesn’t respect you enough to pay advances and as you go, then you probably won’tget paid anyway.

Good luck

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