Always, always, always kee


Always, always, always keep the UV filter on the lens. It protects the lens from scratches. A scratched filter can be replaced for $10 or $20. But the lens…. replacing the front element of the lens would be very expensive and time comsuming.

And if you need to clean dust off the filter, that’s a lot better than cleaning the lens. Several lens cleanings over the life of the camcorder could wear away part of the anti-reflection coating.

BTW, I’m assuming the filter is completely clear, or is a UV filter (has a very faint yellow tint). Such a filter takes away only a very tiny amount of visible light. It shouldn’t affect the exposure.

I wonder if a monopod would work better for a basketball game. Not sure, but might be worth a try.

My 3 cents worth πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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