Although I have absolutely


Although I have absolutely no training or education in audio/video I do have a direct personal experience in another equally competitive field, professional racing. I spent $25,000 for a 1700 hour automotive tech school program 900 hours of that was NASCAR training, fabrication, chassis apps, aerodynamics, dyno operation, engine building, safety systems, the works. All of my instructors were either retired from nascar or currently employed on a team. The curriculum DID NOT teach enough to get you onto a team getting paid and probably 90% of the graduates couldn’t even get on a team as a volunteer. The way I saw it I payed all that money to pick the brain of every instructor I had for every second of the 6 hours I saw them every day. I asked them questions until they started running out of answers. I graduated with honors, top 5 of my class and started knocking down the doors of every race team in charlotte, craftsman truck teams, busch teams, grand american series, daytona prototype teams, winston cup. 1.5 years of being turned out the door and even watching them throw my resume in the trash in front of me, finally I got into a machine shop paying minimum wage, I had a heart beat so I was qualified, after all machine shop skills are required in racing…

I kept pounding down doors, it took me 2 years to get my first interview, I didn’t like the way it went but 2 weeks later they called me back for a 2nd interview and another 2 weeks I get a call that I’ve been declined. A while longer goes by and one night I get a call from a guy, he tells me his name but not who he’s with and wants to know what my ambitions are. I tell him about what I want to do in racing and he asks if I would be willing to take a janitor position on a team until they had an opening. I said yes without hesitation, we arrange for an interview, he says not to waste my time with making up a resume for him to see, they’ll learn everything they need to know in the interview. Come to find out the director of operations was personal friends with one of my instructors at school and asked him to send over his recommendations for 3 of his previous students. After a 6 hour interview they hire me into their engine program with a few major deciding factors, first was that I completed the school program I was in and therefor showed dedication, 2nd was because I asked them just as many questions in the interview as my instructor said I did in school lol, and lastly they felt I was capable of learning any tasks needed and was humble enough to learn lesser things first. At the time the team was Evernham Motorsports, our top driver was Kasey Kahne.

Might be a bit too much detail but I wanted to paint the clear picture that I would have never gotten there without the school and my instructors and as you can guess every nut who has ever turned a wrench on a car is knocking on their door for a dream. However a second point I would like to make is if it was worth it? After working with that team for a year I learned that if I spent that 25 grand on a mechanical engineering degree at UNC Charlotte I probably could have walked right into most of the teams without much resistance and may still be in racing now. When the economy started going south and sponsors started backing out the guys with the ME degrees kept their jobs and I didn’t. The choise of what and were you go to school might be the bigger question to ask than if it was worth the time.

Sorry for the long post.

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