Although, I do have to agr


Although, I do have to agree with one big aspect of what you said. Taking the time to get down to business with a website is hard.

My site was practically an afterthought when I was restarting my business. I had the unique luck of running into several video clients before I had even finished officially "going back into business", thanks to my old demo video and some word of mouth. So while I was getting gear, filming a wedding, and on and on, this website issue came up, and I had to get it done. I started doing a flash-intensive site, but after a couple days, I had more phone calls coming in from local ads, and I just resorted to sticking up what’s there now. I think about 70% of the site was even created in Frontpage, which is something I didn’t like doing, and I don’t reccomend to anyone else out there. Frontpage is nice for building basic html pages, but it has too many proprietary tags and bots that don’t play nice with other sites, and you pretty much cut your hands off when you get into incorporating php, scripting of any sort, or anything at all that requires a good handle on your webpages, since Frontpage is famous for changing your html to what it thinks is best. But that’s another rant for another day.

Anyway, I should have said that if you have the time to take it on, you should. IF not, you should efinitely hire a pro to take care of it. Either way, websites are absolutely essential for a business in this day in age. YOu can sell your stuff trough other sites, but when you do that, you’re losing some of your profit to middle men anyway. Why not just spend what you would lose to them on your own site?

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