also…you really don’t wa


also…you really don’t want to create animations in FCP, that’s what motion and After Effects is for…The renders may still take long but not as long as Final Cut…

Final Cut will be faster when you’re just rendering actual video with some baic effects.

And when you’re rendering…it’s always nice to jump ontoanother computer….that’s how crap actually gets done….Clients like that… ; )

I would atleast recommend qa uick $400 emachine just to have an extra computer around when you need it for some extra power…you’d be suprised at what those little buggers can do for you….I’ve had some seriously long 3D renders running on2 G5’s, so I started doing some extra work on an emachine…I was very impressed….It wasa little sluggish on renders just likesimilar computers that cost twice as much, but I was able to knock out many extraHDanimations and various 3D elements that saved soo much time…..I mean, they aren’t supercomputers, but people really underestimate those things.

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