“Also, what do people use


“Also, what do people use to make websites when they have no HTML experience. I found a free page builder called Weebly that actually seems better than the web starts and the free webs pages but wonder if there is anything more professional (and cheap)?” – Jay

No argument with your comments Craig, but Jay DID ask the above, to which I responded.

I do have the advantage of PhotoShop skills, 30-year journalism, advertising, graphics and design experience that offers me somewhat of a better perspective regarding communication and design.

The primary benefit of hiring a professional (not a student) is in the areas of HTML and other web creation languages, as well as the knowledge of optimization and the many other benefits of knowing how to get eyeballs and draw search engine traffic, etc.

A problem with many “professionals” in ANY field is that they often will not have the required mileage and level of maturity that helps define practical applications (why I do not agree with using students – talented or no), usage and elements as opposed to pushing the latest and greatest, flash-in-the-pan elements that do not necessarily an effective web site make.

Over, or under-design, along with excessive use of white space or cramming a ton of rhetoric and moving (or static) graphics into every pixel can often appear just as amateurish and be just as non-functional or practical (or moreso) as a click and build approach.

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