Also, my experience has be


Also, my experience has been that it’s easier if you break your video into segments at natural pointsin the action. I’ve shot using as many as

four cameras. The best way that I’ve found is to zoom in on asound eventon your maincamera and mark the point on your timeline, then

slide the other video tracks to match. If there is applause, there is almost alwayssomeone who claps first, that works great.

You may start to see some “drift” after several minutes, which is why it’s a good idea to break the edit up. This also works if you recorded

your audio separately with a digital recorder. Listen to both audio tracks. As you move closer and closer to sync you’ll hear the audio come

into phase. Then mute the “unwanted” audio track.

Hope that helps.

Bob Belongie

Belongie Entertainment Enterprises

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