“Also look into getting an


“Also look into getting an XLR to 1/8 adapter or a BeackTek XLR adapter.”

Is a great suggestion from robgrauert above.

You will need this to convert the outputs from whatever pro wireless you rent, like Sennheisser or Lectrosonics with XLR outputs. If your camera has 1/8 inch inputs then the BeachTek will convert the signal for you quite easily.

Against the others on this thread….

PUT THE WIRELESS MIC ON THE BRIDE IF YOU CAN. It will create a better mix of their two voices because mens voices have more energy then womens. The trick is hiding the transmitter on her without too much hassle. If you do put is on the groom, just make sure the cable doesn’t fall out beneath his coat by using a small piece of medical tape inside the coat to keep it ‘wrangled’.

Let me know if this was useful.

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