Also is important to defin


Also is important to define the sources of media you will work and the delivery platforms.

For example, in my case some work comes in Digibeta and final edited output must go this format. This implied that besides the VTR I use a Blackmagic Multibridge Pro that allows me to import Video/Audio through SDI. Also some high end cameras can be attached to my system to import through SDI HD and if the production needs it a HDCAM video recorder may be rented.

The rest of the equipment handles pretty well HD (even if almost 2 years without mayor updates). FCP station with two displays and a Raid server connected through fibre channel. I say all this because you mentioned that your clientele is scaling and your needs may change pretty soon. If you don’t calculate well your clients needs may end upgrading or buying new equipment from time to time.

You need a reference monitor for the format you are creating the content to check how everything will look for the client. This is specially true if some of your editing and graphic work will end in the interlaced domain (in the computer displays you watch all as progressive video).

Furniture is expensive but Anthro makes some adjustable desks that are comfortable (I got one time one at around $750) This is their site:

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