Also if i get a miniDV cam


Also if i get a miniDV cam, like what requirements are well like required to capture miniDV footage to computer smoothly…???

The camera needs to have a firewire port. When you capture, make sure you software is set for the right codec. You should be capturing in the “DV/DVCPro NTSC” codec. You should also be capture to an external hard drive or a second internal hard drive. Do not capture video to your primary hard drive.

I would like to know if the quality from the Samsung MX20 going to be worse,better or equal to that of a miniDV when burned to DVD???

That camera seems to be pretty crappy. It records H.264, which you can’t really edit, depending on the software you use. It also only has 1/6″ image sensors. That’s tiny. I wouldn’t go below 1/3″

I wouldn’t bother with the cameras that record to a hard drive either. It’s nice to have the footage on tape.

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