>>Also, I don’t thin


>>Also, I don’t think this part of the discussion is ‘hijacking the thread’. Since we are discussing the potential of the Mk II issues concerning support gear is integral to helping those interested in making their decisions.

Well I’m glad to hear that. I think the EOS is a fine piece of gear. It is just that right now either I can begin editing in earnest, or I can keep writing, and simultaneously learning the NLE. It is all the same from my point of view.

However, what changes the equation for me is the likelihood that someone might release some new piece of gear in the next month or two that might be vastly superior to my proposed HF S10 rig. If they release an EOS 5D Mk III without the 12 minute limit, then that would be a superior way to go.

I do have some shooting I need to do next week, but I can do that in SD with the Canon GL2…so since I do not need to move yet, I would like to see if the EOS comes available without the 12 minute limit, because that would really be one sweet piece of gear.

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