also has a 1/8 inch (3.5mm


also has a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) mic-in jack – just under the external mic holder on the handle – so the mic base station (or wired mic) does not *have* to be XLR.

I was fortunate to have rescued (from a business voice conferencing/speakerphone system) a Polycom VHF wireless mic system with a small 9-volt battery-powered base station plugged into the "AUX" (right) input of my BeachTek DXA-6 which plugs into my Sony HDR-HC1… and it works great. I also have a Shure UHF wireless system (with an extra cable so the body pack can be used with a Lav or a 1/4" instrument plug) with the big base station and needs XLR and external power – honestly, it is pretty tough to tell the difference between which mic is being used when their audio levels are set up correctly to begin with.

Other than Sennheiser and Sony, I am not aware of good, small, base station systems. I think Nady makes one… but I’m not a Nady fan.

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