Also 3CCD cameras have one


Also 3CCD cameras have one color assigned to each chip, so for your 2/3″ chips you are having one chip process you C, another you Y-B and another your Y-R, which if you are shooting DVCPROHD (or DVCPRO50 for SD) where your chroma subsampling is 4:2:2 (or Mini-DV/DVCPRO25’s 4:1:1) then you are getting a lot more color resolution and separation than if you had just 1 CCD. Even now with CMOS, even though they claim to give the same color as 3 CCD’s, I’m still on the fence. Of course most CMOS cameras I’ve seen so far have used the AVCHD codec with a 4:2:0 chroma, so it might be the codec.

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