Alright thanks for your re


Alright thanks for your responses and sorry about the vague question, I’ll try and elaborate on it.

I am creating a short video for school over the tv show StruttinBucks outdoors. The project was to take an essay that I had written earlier in the year and express it in a new form of art. I have a very small basic background in video-editing so I thought that creating a short 10-15 minute clip would be fun and allow me to learn more about my video-editing software. I am using adobe cs4 by the way.

My thought on how to accomplish this so far is to start the video with a bunch of short clips with different parts of successful hunts and create almost like the opening scenes to a show. Then havea graphic design fly into the screen with the StruttinBucks Outdoors logo.

My essay was about the history of how StruttinBucks was started so I was thinking of having interviews with maybe 3 or 4 of the guys on StruttinBucks outdoors then cutting the interviews up to key points that help progress the story while interjecting more clips of hunts in between. I am not sure how I would want to end the story, maybe with a discussion of the future of struttinbucks outdoors.

here is a link to their website if anyone is curious,

If this is still to vague then just let me know thanks for your responses they are very helpful

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