Alright Roddoc. I took tha


Alright Roddoc. I took that as constructive advice. I am 18 and I got into videos about a year and a half ago when I started Youtube. It has interested me ever since so I have decided to go to college for this hopefully to work with movies (or even make my own) when I graduate. For now I am just making Youtube videos and I am looking for something that can shoot HD but is also compatible with cordless mics so I can do street interviews and the little mics that attach to your shirt (hope you know what I’m talking about.) My parents are wanting me to find a camera that I would be able to use for college as well. They have given me a $1000 budget for a camera and mic system. I would take your advice and wait Roddoc, but there is a reason I need it soon. I guess it doesn’t have to be before Christmas, but it needs to be bought before the new year. Thanks for the help.

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