Alright. I’ll try this aga


Alright. I’ll try this again. My last post was removed. Videomaker Customer Service wasn’t sure why because these types of marketing tools have really helped a lot of guys out-market their competition. Now, Ill not hide the fact that I love both video and marketing and most of all, how to integrate the two together in order to develop powerful marketing tools. If this information is not helpful, please let me know and I won’t post any more. If you find it helpful, please say so and I will continue to add to the marketing side of this forum!

I am the CEO of Text-to-Art and we offer develop and create Electronic Business Cards or eBusiness Cards. The way it works is you develop your marketing presentation, whether it be a video or a full Flash presentation, save it on a CD and send it to us. We will replicate it on a CD that can be a regular circular CD, a mini-circular CD or any other number of Shapes: a star, wedding bells, candle, heart, house, video camera, business card, etc. etc. It just has to basically be a symmetrical shape.

Note though, having the CD shaped adds to the over all replication cost. Often, I have found it just as effective, if not more effective, to hand out the mini-CDs or even a full size CD and invest the extra in a better CD jacket.

Now, if you have the video, but don’t have the ability to create the additional elements that make up a marketing CD, Text-to-Art can do this for you. This is what we do.

What works great is to start with your demo video, then at the conclusion, you can either ask us to place a voice-over at the conclusion that highlights the additional content on your eBiz Card. Alternatively, you can include that information at the end of your own video.

Either way, once the video concludes, the viewer will have several additional buttons which lead to additional information such as your contact info, package deals, your web site, additional videos, a really cool 3D Photo Wall that highlights photography if you offer that service or possibly just some photos of you having fun doing what you do, etc.

Even though the possibilities are endless, you dont want to get carried away and put everything you can think of on your CD. It should only include the information that will get you that next job. Many times you leave out certain bits of information to create curiosity that will either drive them to your web site or to call you. Text-to-Art can help you figure out how to do this.

For example, one item we ALWAYS encourage you to include is information your viewers naturally need and will have to obtain before the upcoming event your will be filming. For example, if you do weddings, you may have a list of all the local caterers along with their contact information, links to their web sites, emails, photos of past weddings they catered, testimonials, etc. You may even be able to get the caterers to pitch in and help pay for the CD since you are including them on the CD! For that matter, they may even pay for all of it!

Why include this info???????? Because it’s ensures your that your viewers will watch your CD! If they want that information badly enough, they will watch your presentation to get it. It’s a guaranteed commercial. How much is that worth?

Now, here’s another secret. Include an Animated 3D Logo at the very beginning of your CD. How does this help? Well, first it is really cool and your viewer will enjoy watching it.

Second, it places your company in the “cutting-edge, professional” category.

Third, it allows you to present fast-pasted, high powered music as your logo builds and as a voice-over presents your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your USP is what distinguishes you from other companies. Again, we can help you figure this out.

Fourth, it enables you to do Instant Brand Building. Your potential prospects will watch your logo build letter-by-letter, graphic-by-graphic for 10 to 20 seconds. If it is done correctly, they will watch it a second time. So they pay close attention to your logo build twice for a total of 30 to 40 seconds. Now, the next time they see your logo, they will instantly recognize it! That is what Brand Building is all about!

So, how does this help you? Simple. It will increase the amount of business you get. When individuals are trying to choose between companies, they often choose the one with whom they are most familiar. So, if they have seen your logo build twice a few weeks ago, guess what? They will recognize it and feel that they know a little something about you. They will feel more comfortable with you. After all, they have heard your USP, seen your entire marketing presentation, watched your videos and read/viewed a few testimonials!

Do you think youll have a better shot at landing the job? You bet ya! A job or two will pay for the CD, then after that, its all free income for years to come!

Text-to-Art gives a full explanation of how this works in their four videos on this page: Custom Marketing Tools.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know:

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