Alright I’ll bite, This po


Alright I’ll bite, This posting is nearly full of ideas. Why is FCP so popular? Think about this. Apple has only 2% of the market place world wide. Yet, it’s neck and neck with pc in the video and graphic world. In the pc world there are dozens of softwares to choose from to do the same purpose. But, if you use a mac; only those who deify the default for something like Avid or Premier will there be anything other then FCP.

So, in short. In the video world it is FCP vs. the dozen or so pc applications.

PS I have worked on both Vegas and FCP for about the same amount of time. I’m still learning how to do anything in FCP but if I want to get a project done I use Vegas. The only reason why I continue to stay with FCP is because every one that I talk to says if you want a job in the industry then you have to learn FCP. I say to those devote FCP user. “You obviously haven’t worked with Vegas.” I just wish that Vegas would work on a steady platform like a mac.

Oh, by the way. Macs do crash they just don’t head for the ditch like a pc. I can’t tell you how many times my mac has just frozen and I had to drive it into the ditch on purpose and reboot to get back on the road.

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