Alright I guess gaming car


Alright I guess gaming card will probably be the choice then. For my budget do you think a 2 way SLI GTX 260 or 1 GTX 285 would be best? I do actually have a GTX 285 in my current computer (love it to death for non video editing), but I amy trying to separate computers here. Even though the thought of SLI with my current and a new 285 would be tempting, I really do not know the manufacturer of my current 285 (was upgraded free by alienware when my old graphics card went out.) In any case I do need to separate work with play.

As far as I/O device, I will take the point. I can see how easy it could make life. Right now I get my rough drafts down, then burn the entire disc on BD-RE to go test on my TV downstairs. It works for now but eventually I want efficiency.

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