Alright. First off you can


Alright. First off you can take out the jerkiness problem by using a tripod. I don’t know if your using one or not but I just though I would throw that out there. If your using a small little canon tripod that was 69.95 or whatever they sell it for you should seriously consider renting a bogen or even a vinten for the day.

Now about your budget. If you want something in the range of 1500 with a 20x zoom. I believe Sony PD-150’s / 170’s both have about a 12x optical zoom. If you want a telephoto lens you would have to increase your budget. If your willing to spend a few more thousand the most obvious choice would be the XL series. You can get an XL1s for about 3000, heck my roommate even found an XL2 for 2500 online. A quick search of yahoo shopping brought up these ten cameras.;_ylt=AhK1eqV_MytWVYUB9r7X0f63v2UD;_ylu=X3oDMTBmNzVhaTljBF9zAwRzZWMDd2VzdG5hdg–?y=gg

I do know the cameras I mentioned all have both manual and automatic settings for shutter and aperature.

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