Alright everyone… ive be


Alright everyone… ive been working double time to try and piece together another version. here is the link

same as before, let me know what you think…

SIGNMAX… thank you for your input…

i agree, that the people make the company…

we are a 30 year old company, although i have only been apart of it for the last 7.

unfortunately it is to late to re-shoot this project, so ill need use what i have, but i will absolutely be re-evaluating this experience before i shoot even one second of footage for the next one…

i thought i learned alot from my first video… but i learned even for on this one…

can wait to start shooting the next one…. fortunately we have been blessed with more work than we can handle, and much of it, are very interesting projects.

i look forward to hearing some feedback on the new version….

btw, this one is complete.

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