Almost anything will be of


Almost anything will be of sufficient quality for YouTube bu the time it is encoded and compressed. Awesome audio can compensate for less than stellar video. For something extremely easy and ionnexpensive, I have recently come to love the Kodak Zi8 flash based camera. It is HD, records to SD cards, has an external microphone jack, and is very inexpensive and extremely simple to operate. The downside is zooming is not great, so zooming in to show high level of detail would not be ideal, so it depends on the level of detail you expect to show in your videos. Search for Kodak Zi8 on YouTube to see examples of the video quality.

Most consumer grade camcorders come with 1/8″ microphone jacks. This will allow you to connect an external shotgin microphone or mixer like this Beachtec will allow the connection of professional microphones at which point you can use wired microphones and save some money (if it will be convenient for you).

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