All’s cool, Birdcat! The b


All’s cool, Birdcat!

The biggest reasonis no additional investment is needed, assuming you own a DVD burner, of coarse. And, 4.7Gbs are less than a $1 a piece @ 16x.

True, some BD burners are now in the mid $100s; the bad news is the media is $5-10 each @ 2x. This is similar to DVDs about 7-8 years ago & the prices will go down.

Look, few people need BD’s 50Gb capacity. True,BD can usehigher bitrates but only Pro Camcorders can take advantage of that. So, those who have AVCHD camcorders are recording @ 13-17Mbps & that equals 70-75 minutes of AVCHD content on a D/L DVD @ 14Mbps bitrate, or nearly the same quality as was recorded. That’s not bad for little if any investment.


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