allieka wrote: [quote]John


allieka wrote: [quote]JohnCrawford, buildings in and of themselves don’t really speak to my creative side, but after viewing some of the videos off your link, I’ve got a better idea of how to approach it. The videos are quite engaging.[endquote]

Many thanks foryour complimentary review ofthe real estate videos that I have shot so far. If you love doing something and pay attention to the details others will sense your artistic involvement and either reject your interest or enjoy and appreciate it.I hear tell that Andy Warhol made an eight hour video of the Empire State Bldg and if I was interested in buying itI might want to take a look at it. As far as your own video interests, creative juices and ambitions go, every video you shoot should embody and express the feelings, beliefs and opinions you have about your subject.

[quote]jimcvideo, great assessment of some of the realities faced in this economy.[endquote]

One man’s economy is another man’s opportunity. Sellers are depressed nowadays and need tactful support,encouragement and good salesmanship.

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