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What you are asking is very lengthy and somewhat complicated to explain on a forum. The instruction manuals do a real good job of explaining how to do it.

Look in the Adobe PPro help secton under Capturing video. It will explain how to hook up your camera to a computer and to transfer or capture your video to your hard drive.

Since all you want to do is move video from tape to DVD you would just drag the icon representing your captured video onto the timeline and just export that to a DVD which is listed as one of the export choices.

Then you need to have some kind of burning software so that you can burn your files to a DVD. Im not sure but you might even be able to burn to a DVD disk right away from PPro too.

Of course there is a lot more to it then what I mentioned above but this is at least how the workflow should go.

I’m sorry but unfortunatly, it’s kind of hard to keep it simple for what you’re trying do with PPro if that makes sence.


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