All you have to do is set


All you have to do is set the proper expectation with the client. Make sure she understands that there WILL be differences between her video and her friends. Explain what the differences are and in most cases, she’ll understand and be perfectly comfortable with them. In other cases, she might make it her personal mission to demand that you be allowed to shoot from other parts of the church during the ceremony. Priests/Preachers don’t like to deal with angry brides any better than the rest of us.

I think as videographers, we often think too hard about these types of situations. Our clients do not critique our work as hard as we do. And hiring Uncle Tom to set up a camera in the balcony isn’t even close to being as good as the video you shoot will be. You can still shoot a great video with one camera from behind. Just set the expectation that the client won’t get the same type of closeups she may have seen in her friends video.

Kris Simmons

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