All of my transfers includ


All of my transfers include removal of blank frames, chapter stops, custom cases, inkjet discs matching the cases, menu’s and audio enhancement. For the audio I convert mono to stereo (dual mono L/R technically), noise reduction and level normalization. I gave up on offering the straight copy with no frills. If someone requests it I will do it but most just take the offer as is. I get $60 for one disc (I cap at 80 minutes per disc) and another$10 if it goes to two discs. I also don’t offer cramming multiple tapes into one project. There has been the rare occasion where I am given a batch of tapes and one tape has 20 minutes in which I slide it chronologically into another project for nothing. Besides that each tape is $60 or $70. I actually got some comments like “I thought it would cost more” so I may bump it up to $80 & $95 respectively.

This service was a stepping stone to learn editing and to generate capital for the real gear. I still offer it on my cards and my website butI hardly do transfers anymore. My time is better spent doing promo or event work. But learning the ropes in my editing was priceless.

I bought a couple of 200 packs of Ri-Data inkjet hub printable discs when they were on sale and I have had no problems.

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