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All makes, models, sizes and construct are basically tools, tools that work well in the hands of people who know how to use them, and apply their (and their tools’) strengths to the projects they want to create. There is NO other way to determine the extent and base of preference for any given style, make or model than to rent, test at the counter, or otherwise get your hands on the models and styles that most seem to suit your preferences and have a go at them. All the technical information is GREAT, nods to Jaime and others, but it still boils down to need, ability, personal desire and function. Oh, and costs when you’re (and most seem to be) on a TIGHT budget.

While 1/4″ sensors are certainly capable in many instances, what I wanted when I asked was to spark comment, debate and information. It appears the post was successful in that endeavor. I personal have no desire to go that small in the sensor or chip department due to my broad production needs and diversified production business, but I have to say the pricing makes the consideration tempting.

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