All are great ideas. The b


All are great ideas. The budget will cover equipment that will be used in future shoots as well – which in that case future shoots would be more $ in the pocket.

I would probably settle on the FS100. Maybe 2 of them. The look you get from that is extremely pleasing and in some cases look just like they came out of a RED camera. The biggest plus I see to a RED camera would be the HDRx processing which is very appealing, but at what cost? 4k video streams would be overkill for the general use of these videos, but I could see it being used for the occasional pan and zoom without losing quality in a 1080p output.

Lastly using these cameras out in the field, I would feel a whole heck of a lot worse if I dropped a RED camera rather than a FS100!

You could get a FS100, with all current (or soon to be released) E mount lenses, a matte box/rail system, and plenty of 32GB SD cards for under $9000. I already have about 15 NP-F970 batteries that my Z5s and lights use – so I don’t need much of a budget there.

I do have a question though about backup devices. The ATOMOS Ninja 2.0 recorder looks like a great idea and have heard great raves on these forums about it – BUT – I use a PC and Vegas and are the “pro res” files it captures compatible? Any other recommendations for instant backup?

Thanks all for the info so far!

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