Alexis, It would help if y


It would help if you explained what you wanted to do with a camcorder. 2 of the models you mentioned are hi-def, the A1U selling for about $2150, the XH-A1 selling for about $3250 (after rebate). You also mentioned a Panasonic DVC3… haven’t heard of that, but maybe you meant the DVC30 selling for about $1850? The DVC30 is standard-def and does not come with XLR connectors, although you can get an XLR adapter for it. Any of these camcorders would be a good choice… depending on what you intend to do.

So….. is this for event videography, documentaries, nature, dramas, special effects, educational, commercials? Also, do you need hi-def capabiity (which would also require more computer resources for editing; and some way to distribute hi-def, like a BlueRay burner).

Not trying to be nosey, but different applications require different camcorder capabiities. So, clue us in to your plans. πŸ™‚

Ken Hull

P.S. — Are you sure you need XLR?

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