Alexian Gives Good Advice


Some people are GREAT video producers but not all that comfortable with designing or developing graphics for generic case inserts for sports, weddings, engagements, thank you DVDs, etc. There have been all sorts of companies offering generic inserts with great art and quality, but I personally prefer (because I can) to do my own, making them more personal and customized to the client and their particular event.


I've developed templates using Photoshop CS3 and have the fomula down to a science for my current printer and use the stock appropriate for the production. I will use glossy and will use water resistant finished Taiyo Yuden/JVC DVDs, but I prefer inkjet printable matte finishes on both insert stock (trimming my own) and DVD inkjet hub printable white stock.


As Alexian noted, I don't want to wait and am not usually willing to pay the prices most of the sources for generic stock, and certainly NOT for custom designed stock, and do not want to wait for it. My turnaround for much of my work is less than a week and I save money and time by printing my own.


That's not to say there aren't a lot of folks out there in the video world looking for such products and services, but a lot of us are probably either doing GREAT graphics of our own quickly and less expensively, or GET BY graphics that serve the purpose without adding to our costs and hitting our bottom line for an additional premium.


I've given thought to offering custom inserts and DVD graphics, using Dropbox to facilitate delivery, and if something I produce can be approved and received and used by other videographers it might bring in a few dollars from time-to-time, but I don't think it's going to generate a significant amount of income. Most of us are too close to the profit margin to absorb the costs for this service and product.

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