Ahhh, the old, “I built a

AvatarKevin Mc

Ahhh, the old, “I built a website, why am I not rich yet?”, question. Let’s address the website only, and not your skills…

1) Can your site be found at the top of the search engine listings?

2) How much traffic (unique visitors) does your site get per day?

I have a feeling that you’re simply not getting ‘found’. Remember your site is now one-in-a-billion other sites on the web. I designed sites and did SEO/SEM for 20 years. In other words, I “drove” traffic to my clients’ sites. You can’t just build a site and hope it gets found.

In viewing your site, it reads like a get-rich-quick scheme. Your services page is incomplete. It shows two services, then a list of services that you never filled in (very unprofessional across the board). The two services that you do list, have no examples of your work, or customer testimonials. In this day and age, you must support your words with examples. Professional people don’t want to read about making money online. They want to quickly see your services, and what you can do for them. Your homepage alone says nothing about what you offer. Trust me, no one wants to read that stuff about making money on the web. So many of my clients need videos produced for movie theaters and television – neither of which have anything to do with selling online.

Your homepage should be all about video editing and website development (period).

Hope that helps.

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