Ahh… You did mention som


Ahh… You did mention something that I never thought of that may help the cause. That’s what I love about this fourm. πŸ˜›

The key to maybe pulling this off might be in the distance you are shooting from. As long as you are not on top of the sparklers, that bright little ball of fire won’t be dominating your frame. If you can keep that sparkler glow small, it might not burn out as much thus giving you a better chance of picking up the bride and groom along with anyone else in the shot.

Yeah…. I’m thinking you should be able to do it… especially if you can practice like you said and find the right amount of distance you could get away with. Sure the bride and groom won’t be filling the frame but I’m pretty sure that the overall affect will be captured. After all, it’s supposed to be about them heading out into the world side by side on their own. That kind of exit might be kind of a cool way to end the video… especially with a little freeze framage!

Hank, What do you think… yeah, no , maybe?


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