Agree with everything Jack


Agree with everything Jack said. Here are a few more suggestions:
(6) Capture lots of sound. (Even if it’s dark and the video is not so great. If you go to see something like a history or native dance performance that could provide some nice background for your other edits.
(7) If your camcorder has external audio input and a shoe mount, consider attaching a small zoom microphone. (Like the Rode VideoMic … check Craigslist for a deal on a used one.)
(8) I have a $100 Zoom H1 digital recorder that’s great for capturing external sound.
(9) Save all of your receipts, brochures, tickets. Scan them when you get home, you might be able to use these as stills in the video
(10) Make sure your traveling companion(s) are aware of the camera. My wife always walks ahead while I’m shooting, then complains ’cause the camera is always looking at her butt.
(11) Let someone else operate the camera so you can be in the video
(12) Carry a mini tripod
(13) Trekking in Australia? I have a telescoping walking stick; when the top knob is unscrewed it becomes a monopod
(14) If you’re the video person, make sure everyone is shooting stills and movies with their phones or point ‘n shoot cameras. Use it for B-roll when you edit.
(15) Use the smartphone’s “flashlight” function to illuminate things when it’s too dark
(16) Every place visit starts a new chapter for the tale of your journey. Each chapter needs its own shots for establishing, medium, closeups, people, location sound, etc. Write down every shot you’ll need on an index card and tape it to your camera or camera bag. Keep checking it to make sure you come home with everything you need for the edit.

Hope these provide some extra help.

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