Again, my personal thought


Again, my personal thoughts on this one:

You get the bid, you produce the vid, and you burn say 6 copies. That’s what they want. Simple: You get yours, they get theirs.

What they do with the dvd’s after that is NOT your business. Who cares if they burn 1,500000 copies. A. They won’t. B. You are probably not in the Duplication business. C. it is their project, not yours. their content.

You produced a vid for them. That’s it. Produced a vid for them. Let them market your company, let them take THEIR dvd of THEIR personal event and do with it what they see fit.

Be about your client, not about yourself. Encourage them to copy it and distribute it. I just cannot see why your hand should be in it afterwards, anyways. IT’S JUST A WEDDING VIDEO. Not your 10 year documentary that your poured your heart and soul into.

Unless of course it is (I guess not everyone in the forum is only a wedding videog), then ummmmmm, yeah, protect that thang, darnit! Ha. But it then be worth much much more and then much much more worth it!

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