Again, in cases like this


Again, in cases like this my contract it states that the couple getting married is responsible for acquiring all rights and releases to shoot the video there.

Most of the time, again, there’s an expectation that in these places you will be recorded. However, even so I work closely with officiants/property owners on the rehearsal & event day to make sure that we don’t violate their personal policies (don’t film this, don’t move around during filming, etc…), as we want to be a good community neighbor. I’ve never shown up to a location and been told that we could not film. There was one garden where when we showed up, the grounds coordinator pointed out that a permit neded to be purchased from their office to shoot video in the area, but that was easy to resolve, and because the clients agreet to be responsible for securing all rights, we didn’t have to let that eat into our profits.

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