again good advice Grinner.


again good advice Grinner. My basic contract is simply a standard get it online/from a book, job that I’ve rewritten to suit my needs, prettied up in company letterhead.

I don’t have any multimillion dollar ad campaigns… any contract disputes I have (usually settled amicably anyways so moot point here but…) would fall under the “Small Claims” division in court with no lawyers. I suspect that a Judge there would rule not based on the “Legalize” of the contract, but rather on the spirit of the contract and the personalities of the individuals and it would likely boil down to who tried hardest to resolve the problem. So I expect I’d win if it ever came to that.

The contract is the device that spells out who is expected to do what and when, and should protect both parties interests in the project, and is your main tool for negotiating and reasoning to prevent a misunderstanding or problem from ever going to court. If we’re talking huge sums of money…pay the lawer a little up front, or pay him a lot later…your gamble.

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