After 8 years of only ever


After 8 years of only ever using DV tape in my two HDV camcorders..yep, pretty confident. If anyone tells you that HDV tape will record a “better picture” or “better resolution” they are full of beans.

Consider this: you have a video clip, say an .mp4 file. You have multiple copies on hard drive, USB stick, CD data disc, SD card, cloud. ALL copies will be identical quality – it’s a digital file. Like a Word doc – the text doesn’t change when you copy to a different device, right? Same with DV versus HDV tape stock. SAME content on either. As mentioned in earlier post, supposedly less chance of the occasional dropout if using HDV tape for HDV recording, otherwise it’s marketing hype to get more money from the consumer. Stick an “HDV” label on a DV tape and triple the price…

I won’t argue for a moment that back in the day when I started in video shooting ANALOG (Hi8, SVHS) that quality tape stock recorded a better image than cheaper tapes. It mattered due to the way the analog signal was recorded to tape. But apples and oranges, we are now talking DATA with DV and HDV recordings, and ones and zeroes are always ones and zeroes on any tape stock. Many years ago, I would shoot DVCAM video onto $45 Sony DVCAM-184 cassettes, then make Firewire dubs to a cheap Digital8 HandyCam using Hi8 tape stock. SAME IMAGE recorded to either tape, identical data, different medium is all.


Jeff Pulera
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