Advice from an amateur wed


Advice from an amateur wedding guy: borrow at least one other camera to record the ceremony from a wide shot – front or rear – to catch the things you cannot get in position for.  That camera should be fixed and also capturing the audio from a sound board or a wireless mic placed in front of a speaker so that you can get a complete video and sound track of the entire ceremony (this makes good B-roll material, too).  If this camera cannot input audio from a Line-In source then purchase a quality digital recorder (Zoom or Roland or Tascam) that can tap into a sound source.

And remember, even thought it is free, the couple expects to have their video in a few weeks, even though a part-time effort can take much longer than that to edit and produce a nice video. 

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The best tripods for video — 2021

Carefully comparing and reviewing system specs will ultimately help you find the best tripod to fit your needs and your budget.