Adobe has gone away from the


Adobe has gone away from the purchase model for their software and they now use a subscription. There has been a lot of arguement over whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.




If you want to get into adobe without subscribing, you need to get their Elements programs. They're cut down, yet very functional, versions of Premiere and Photoshop. But if you're using Vegas, these are probably a step backward for you.


I subscribe to their Creative Suite – which includes pretty much the whole kit and caboodle of adobe, of which I use only a small handful of the actual programs regularly. you can get different packages aimed at video or photography or whatever for a smaller subscription fee if I understand correctly.


The cloud just means you don't get any disks in the mail. You log on, download, install and away you go. You DO NOT have to be online online to use most of their porducts on a day to day basis. You just have to be online to update software and perform certain tasks in certain programs.


I've been very happy with the way everything from lightroom and photoshop, to premier and after effects integrates with my workflow.


Hopefully this helps.

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