Adding to such an old thre


Adding to such an old thread sometimes doesn’t help…but in the event somebody comes here looking for a solution, I’ll chime in.

I have 2 DVC-80’s which are physically identical to the DVX-100. I recently bought a Petrol backpack for right at $100. You can see B&H’s listing at:

I can fit my DVC-80 in the bottom, slide my Dell laptop with 17" display into the back, put in power supplies, extra batteries, tape, cell phone, spare glasses, travel documents…and on and on. So many zipper compartments you’ll forget what you put where.

It gets pretty heavy, but once on your back with the chest strap fastened, it’s a piece of cake. I recently traveled and hiked through airports at St. Louis and Miami…and that one’s always a long hike…with no fatigue.

I used to carry the laptop bag and the video gear in a Porta Brace bag. Those really created lots of fatigue and it was difficult trying to wheel a suitcase. With the backpack, both hands are free.

Best hundred bucks I’ve spent recently.

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