Adding ANY mic will offer


Adding ANY mic will offer you huge improvements over the built-in mic.

I’ve got a wide array of mics I use for different events. Even my little Shure SM-58 wired mic will produce a much better quality sound than the onboard mic on a GL-2.

I would recommend that you get a real mic and the MA-300 adapter though, and avoid the little "add-on" boom that canon sells, if you’re going to invest in a boom mic. As much as I love canon, their quick connect boom isn’t all that much better than the onboard mic, and it really only works well if your camera is just a couple feet away from the subject-not good if you want to establish some Depth of Field. Again, ANY mic is going to sound better than the cheap omnidirectional mics in the camera, but ultimately it all comes down to your budget.

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