Actually you’re probably r


Actually you’re probably right about that. Seeing the WEVA logo on a videographers site would probably give potential clients a bit of confidence in that videographer. On the other hand, is the WEVA logo going to tip the scales of a decision for, or against, the videographer? What if a bride has checked out a handful of videographers and several of them had the WEVA logo but had problems with their work/pricing? Then would the bride be inclined to select the next videographer with a WEVA logo or would they assume it means that videographer is just like the others? That may depend on your particular market. The reason I initially decided against WEVA was because, as I browsed my competitors websites and found that many of them who were WEVA members did not do quality work (and in some cases, downright terrible work), I decided that having the WEVA logo on my website would only lump me into the same category as the others. I don’t necessarily think that it would hurt any particular videographer but I wanted to be sure that I had control of the aspects that would attract potential clients to me rather than leave my reputation up to another organization. Does that make sense?

By the way, I don’t mean to include my entire market area in my comments. There are a handful of really great videographers in my area who I respect very much. Unfortunately they are far outnumbered by "amateur professionals".

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