actually you can thank the


actually you can thank the tree huggers for the descision to use glass and aluminum.

Greenpeace and others were pretty harsh on Apple.

That’s why, the eviromental bennifits of the new hardware (materials and esp new batteries) was such a big issue in the last keynote.

in the studio/office it’s a non issue, as any pro should videographer/photographer should be able to figure out how to light something without getting glare off the glass, but in the feild it can be distracting. Not a deal breaker for me…

I use time capsule, I have external hds partitioned, each drive has on partition with a bootable clone of the computers hd, and a timecapsule partition on the same drive.

recovery from disaster? reboot the computer off the cloned drive and go. replace the drive in the computer and copy the cloned drive, time capsule takes care of everyday stuff, so you lose nothing.

itines genious does help when buying music for other people in the household…but little use elswise imho.

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