Actually widescreen as a p


Actually widescreen as a pixel aspect ratio (par) or 1.2 (close enough to what you guessed, though). But if you calculate the display aspect ratio (dar) using with the 720×480 resolution and .9 par the resulting dar appears to be to be 1.36:1 instead of 1.33:1(aka 4:3). And calculating the widescreen dar with the 1.2 par the resulting dar appears to be 1.81:1 instead of 1.78:1(aka 16:9). So, when we view DV and DVD video on the computer – being able to see the entire frame without the overscan we get on TV – it should appear slightly wider. But when I play DV footage in WMP and play it full screen it will actually fill the entire 4:3 monitor. So my question is am I viewing video whose frame is slight compressed horizontally. In other words, is it true that the DAR of DV and DVD video actually 1.36:1 and 1.81:1 instead of 1.33:1 and 1.78:1 respectively, and if so does this mean that media players are actually displaying these videos incorrectly (technically speaking)?
BTW, thanks for explaing how the line does get complete on analog video. I had noticed black edges before but never understood it.

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