Actually, the Z5 is far ea


Actually, the Z5 is far easier to use than the Canon by a wide margin. The sharpness and clarity is equal to the Canon. It has superb audio, mics, auto or manual everything, 20x zoom. And is a delight to use. It will run equal to or better that any camera out there in the 1/3″ sensor size. And the lens is equal to the fujinon and zeiss lenses. But it fails in the evenings, and night shots unless well lit. it can do theater with ease, but moonlight – nope. It has no shallow depth of field to speak of. It has its advantages and when used properly, it is stellar. But remember it is still HD, not 2k or 4k and it costs about $4k – not $50k! the 2 are a formidable pair together

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