Actually my first will pro


Actually my first will probably be way better than anything else I produce in the future. I’m not going cookie cutter, but I’m definitely not going to put that much into it again. (the 3.5 mile run down the street in a full suit for the Horse Drawn Carriage slowly begins to come to mind). Or maybe I got lucky and/or over did it since it was my first and I was going for a BLOW OUT product to gain referrals.

And on some of the styles since I’ve been looking a so many websites for price comparisons and different ideas:

I am COMPLETELY against STAGING a shot or sequence. Two things happen here: 1. it shows at the wedding that you are more concerned with your next highlight reel than you are with the clients’ wants and needs 2. You are not a very good videographer if you can only capture that which you can control.

My video is about live, candid, unscripted, HIT or MISS action. If I had my way, i would be completely invisible to everyone at the event. The photographer at the wedding where I did my first was terrible. "Hey, grab his leg, look up, move over, kiss him" – all that BS. I was getting nautious just hearing the team’s voice with all their directing. They couldn’t even get off the Carriage at the church without the "ok, now slowly, turn, wait, now walk-right there-right there, annnd…ok, now take her hand, and put one foot in front of the other, hold it, one more, ok, one more, wait, one more" The bride finally got so annoyed with these two photographers that she tried to hide from them (thus missing out on some of the fun and the photogs missing out on the opps to take more pics of her mingling at the reception).

I can’t believe that I saw a shot from behind the Preacher in one demo. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to be inside of the pulpit? Shot or not, business or not, I don’t think anyone should be that disrespectful of the church. Careless and rude.

More so, I guess it all depends on the client, but down here, the vibe is not to make it look like this is a Hollywood Production. I did not like the fake feeling I got while watching some of the demos. Then again, I thought some of them looked like Uncle Elroy had a beer in one hand and a $99 dollar cam in the other. The lighting was way off, the effects were super cheesy. The zoom was waaaaay overused. The pans and circling motion would make half of my siblings sick from watching the vid on a TV.

There are some very good ones out there too though. Simple and refined. Classy, yet with an artistic touch. REAL is the keyword I am looking for.

Try new things, use your professional and trained EYE, but c’mon, dancing along with the couple shows you were guessing. It’s a weak technique that can make your viewers disoriented.

These are my personal opinions. To each, his own. But keep some of this in mind or your work will seem way overdone. I did not die and become all knowing, nor do I consider myself to be anything more than extemely beginner, but some guys/companies just don’t get it. It can be obvious very early on that you either have a gift or you don’t. And if you do, remember technique and always study your work as well as others.

"If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten."

I feel that we are all amongst friends here. My posts are intended to generate ideas and views and thoughts. Also to help others. May the posts continue to flow so that we can all learn from different perspectives.

Thoughts, ideas, feedback…………………

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