Actually Macs DO use a 2/3


Actually Macs DO use a 2/3/& even 4 button mouses. Which ever you prefer to have.

I vary my usage between a 1 & 2 button depending on my mood.

The original question of this post is: why is FCP so popular.

I don’t think it’s that it is so popular, I think that MAC’s have always been know for their extraordinayprocessing capabilities and reputaion for reliability. You will have to admit that PC’s crash, ALOT. MAC’s don’t.

Many Many movie studios use MACs to edit their videos. I have watched ILM DVD extras, Michael Bay and many other directors and production studios. Most of my observations come from DVD extras, interview, etc. ALL of them will demonstrate with their handy dandy 4 screen MAC. With FCP.

I think that since they have always used the MAC and FCP, they just continue to use it because it has always been reliable for them. And I know from experience that Editors are more efficient with software they are comfortable with. So why change.

I changed to MAC because I have constantly . . . CONSTANTLY had trouble with EVERY editing application (Adobe Pro and Consumer – Pinnacle Pro & Consumer – SOny Pro & Consumer) I have ever loaded on my computer. I know it is not the Software necessarily but the Windows computer crashed more times than it was actually working. I just wanted something more stable.

Since I’ve switch, Nearly 1 year ago, I have had No problems . . . NONE. Not one crash and no lost information or files.

Like I said in a previous post on this topic, Once I learned the basic commands, I found the FCP was almost exactly the same as all the other pro editing apps. Adobe CS3 is available for MACs if that’s what you like, but you are going to run into the same problems with the key stroke.

If you use CS3 on a PC then switch to a MAC, you WILL have to reaclimate yourself to the new keystroke.

In conclusion, It’s all personal preference. I don’t think it is necessarily the FCP that is preferable is the Computer (MAC), and FCP just happens to be the native NLE.

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