Actually, it’s NOT really


Actually, it’s NOT really full quality HD – with most/many models out today and going for less than what it would cost to purchase Fort Knox, you’re getting compressed video, be it SD or HD. But, the quality of most HD recorders, even with some degree of compression, is really nice, and downres to SD from HD still can provide a superior video.

The HV40 does NOT create “full quality” HD, and especially NOT “since it used MiniDV…” Also AVCHD, while compressed, is noted to be of a superior compression that CAN exceed HDV. There are differences but we need to understand the basics and not form assumptions regarding MiniDV tape, AVCHD, HD and all the other factors that contribute to what we’re working with vs what we get or deliver.

Also, keep in mind that CCD and CMOS camera models, tape, direct-to-DVD, hard drive or SDHC card (and the rating of the card – 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. – has a bearing on things as well); as does the lens quality (or lack thereof), sensor size (1/4″ vs 1/3″ vs 1/2″ for example), and many other elements. Some solid research, and some hands-on with a rental or borrowed unit, and input from folks who have ACTUALLY purchased and use the models you are comparing, will go a long way to avoiding some disappointments.

No, I’ve not owned or used either of the models you’ve mentioned, but I have researched extensively into the Canon HV20, 30 AND 40 thinking I would go that direction. Fortunately for me I put it off long enough to change my mind even though that series has been highly recommended and has a GREAT reputation among those who have tried it. Why, when the HV40 is a GREAT camera model?

My issues are related to CMOS, tape and other elements where I believe the new models in CCD with SDHC capabilities will be a better fit for what I want and need to do – I have no problem with working in AVCHD, so that’s not a deal breaker for me.

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