Actually I was pretty impr


Actually I was pretty impressed – you had lots of B roll in there, closeups – damn nice! I was really blown away – but after 3 mins – time to get to something else. Attention span – you know the drill. Less is more.

if you want to keep that going, then you need to add something like a voice over to keep it interesting. But the cuts and transitions were great! I am not one in favor of these fancy transitions with flying, twirling whatevers – doesn’t look professional. You never find them in great movies. Again – keep it simple.

On the second and third vids, the video was nice, but the male VO didn’t cut it for me. It was echoey, not the right voice, too tenor, not masculine enough – sounded like a high school project. It sounded like it was read – phoney. Find a better voice. Get a radio announcer to do it. Preferably with a deep male voice, or British even – adds interest.

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