Actually, gear is going up


Actually, gear is going up. There was a period between 2002 and 07 where the major prosumer rigs (now considered pro) prices held around $3-$5k. Now you will be hard pressed to find the same range of cameras for less than $4.5k and upwards to $8k. Not worried about ‘June’ either, but for these ‘fashionably filthy’ filmmaker wannabe’s (as illustrated in the mac commercials) coming out of college and filmschool those are astronomical prices. Not to mention, a laptop or desktop (mac or pc) with the minimum capacity to do movies run in excess of $3k for a pre-built system. That’s without software. On top of all of that, then there’s all the support gear and software to go with it. All that stuff adds up to a significant investment and is a major wet blanket on the whole, ‘hey gang let’s make a movie!’

You are right, you do need a machine to get films from the idea stage and into the hands of a prospective audience. I’ve found that the biggest expense of filmmaking is marketing. To grow a film’s profile high enough to get attention takes money and time. Word of mouth has changed with the advent of social networking sites, but budding filmmakers are still going to have to toss buckets of cash if they want to get into film festivals these days (good luck with that BTW.) Much as I love producing, marketing is the most boring and agonizing portion of filmmaking. When you get opportunities to promote your film, that’s cool. All the marketing horsehockey behind the scenes just to get there is a major pain.

Far as the ‘revolution’ goes, I believe it’s over but evolving into something else. The reason I think it’s over is because of what you accurately stated, “Hollywood’s MONEY and STARPOWER”. Now since hollywood has ‘Bogarted’ the independent film scene, audiences expect everything to look exactly like what hollywood makes. That’s a killer prospect when it comes to getting distribution. Most distributors figure, ‘no stars’ = ‘no money’ = ‘no deal’. Which is lame (anyone remember ‘Blair Witch Project’?) Fortunately, the internet is finally starting to live up to it’s promise and now there are ‘independent’ distributors popping up like mushrooms. We’ll see how long that lasts before hollywood and the other big corp’s let that ride.

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